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Hands of the Caribbean does not wish to display only the negative issues facing the Islands, we wish to do the opposite. We want our supporters to lend a strong helping hand to the people of the Caribbean.

Our mission is to help the people of the Caribbean Islands achieve a better way of life by providing short-term emergency relief assistance and long-term educational grants.

Currently we are working in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew to provide support to an orphanage operating in Les Cayes, Haiti. 

​Hands of The Caribbean

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As a God Parent of one of our sponsored children you will be making a real difference by helping stop the hunger and provide them with a shelter. 



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Theophile Outreach Center of Brooklyn
The Haiti earthquake crisis in 2010 inspired the Operation Rebuild which has been giving aide to near 600 Haitian children and 25 Haitian school teachers for six years and continuing to do so.
Albuquerque Sandia Rotary Club
The Rotary Club of Albuquerque and Las Cruces has supported our cause and provided aide to Haiti for the relief after the 2010 earthquake. Funds, Toiletries, bedding, and amputee transitioning are among the valuable contributions that Haiti has received from the Rotary Club.
Lovelace Hospital
Owner and Founder, Fofo Voltaire- Herrick is currently a volunteer for the Lovelace Heart Hospital in Albuquerque. Approximately $10,000 of medical supplies have been donated to Haiti for earthquake relief.

Access to education is a basic human right. It reduces poverty and child labor and offers the tools needed to succeed in life. We provide long-term educational grants for the young women to attend vocational school.
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After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, we were able to supply a water purifier system that can generate 3500 liters of fresh water daily to a school of 300 children and it's surrounding community.